Chinese Barn Wedding held at Cambium Farms in Caledon, Ontario

As published on Joy-Wed

Kenneth decided before the wedding to have a JOKE wedding, JOdy and KEnneth and incorporated it into his proposal. The invitations, a hash tag, an email address specifically for wedding planning and all things in between referenced JOKE. This couple is so in love, you just have to watch them to know they are right for each other. Their rustic elegant wedding took place at Cambium Farms in Caledon.

Once the couple was married, we were off to capture their love on film. The guests made their way to the Carriage House to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. The building had been transformed into a rustic, vintage area complete with bistro chairs, tables and large wine barrels as cocktail tables. Polaroids and pictures hung along the back wall on a wire frame to complete the decor. They walked into the barn to see long harvest tables from wall to wall topped with beautiful china, personalized menus, special table numbers and many flowers. They were greeted by a large vintage gold frame with seating information. A hand painted globe with gold markers to act as a guest book for friends and family to sign. Travel books and elephant figurines showed guests a sneak peek into the couple. A mailbox for envelopes, a birdcage filled with flowers and a traditional guest book finished the design of the long barn table just inside the doors. As guests made their way to their seats they passed by the Memory Wall, shelves filled with framed pictures of family members, the Bride and Groom as children and the couple’s engagement picture. The goal being to showcase the couple’s love and have family and friends join in a very special day when their lives intertwined as husband and wife!cambium_farms_0001cambium_farms_0002cambium_farms_0003cambium_farms_0004cambium_farms_0005cambium_farms_0006cambium_farms_0007cambium_farms_0008cambium_farms_0009cambium_farms_0010cambium_farms_0011cambium_farms_0012cambium_farms_0013cambium_farms_0014cambium_farms_0015cambium_farms_0016cambium_farms_0017cambium_farms_0018cambium_farms_0019cambium_farms_0020cambium_farms_0021cambium_farms_0022cambium_farms_0023cambium_farms_0024cambium_farms_0025cambium_farms_0026cambium_farms_0027cambium_farms_0028cambium_farms_0029cambium_farms_0030cambium_farms_0031cambium_farms_0032cambium_farms_0033cambium_farms_0034cambium_farms_0035cambium_farms_0036cambium_farms_0037cambium_farms_0038cambium_farms_0039cambium_farms_0040cambium_farms_0041cambium_farms_0042cambium_farms_0043cambium_farms_0044cambium_farms_0045cambium_farms_0046cambium_farms_0047cambium_farms_0048cambium_farms_0049cambium_farms_0050cambium_farms_0051cambium_farms_0052cambium_farms_0053cambium_farms_0054cambium_farms_0055cambium_farms_0056cambium_farms_0057cambium_farms_0058cambium_farms_0059cambium_farms_0060cambium_farms_0061cambium_farms_0062cambium_farms_0063

Event Planner: Beautifully Planned Weddings & Events
Floral Design: Cedar & Stone Floral Studio
Invitations and stationery: PALETTERA Custom Correspondences.
Hair Stylist: Nicole Graftner Hair & Makeup
Makeup: What A Face
Venue: Cambium Farms
Musicians: Beach Guitar Works
Catering: Cabral Catering
Officiant: John Horvath